3 keys to reclaiming for your Femininity for good

In order to become a truly happy, healed, desirable, and wildly successful woman you must learn how to effectively hit the reset button to overcome fear and rejection for good! How does one hit the reset button and live a zesty, delicious life where you attract your heart’s truest desires?

By wiping your slate clean. This portion of the guide walks the reader through how to do just that by learning exactly how to forgives others, forgive self, and then master the art of self-reflection!

For the first time, you’ll be challenged with silencing the world’s view of your female person and figuring out exactly who you are and why/how you came to be.

Femininity is every woman’s birthright, but a connection to it can be lost if it is not properly nurtured or if a woman decides to trade it in for masculinity with hopes of being better shielded from pain and disappointment. Whatever your case may be, rest- assured that this part of the guide will aid you in becoming very clear on femininity- and I even dive into masculinity a bit too, but mostly to help you understand when you are crossing over into masculine territory.

Why? Because, you are a feminine being, woman, not a masculine one! And if you don’t get clear on which side of the line you belong on and should stay on, masculinity and femininity will always be one big blur. Buckle up! Because understanding your femininity and reclaiming your feminine power is just what the doctor ordered!

Now that you are lighter and evermore free, and you understand exactly how to operate in your feminine nature, it’s time for you to become more feminine.

This section of the guide is designed to set you completely apart from other women who aren’t willing to do the work that is required to become the best feminine version of themselves. Wanna be one of those classy women who gets attention without even trying?

Then this guide is for you! Wanna be one of those women who carries themself with feminine sexual confidence and is able to demand quality-and actually get it? Then this guide is for you! Are you in need of more feminine friends who can point you in the right direction, but you aren’t quite sure where to spot these high-quality XX chromosome beings? This guide has got that too!

Get Ready For Your Life To Change.


Doctor's Order's

A Guide for Helping Modern Women Reclaim Their Femininity for Good

In this widely anticipated guide, Keli Pitts leaves virtually nothing on the table as she blends relatability, warmth, cheekiness, and wit in order to show women all over the world who are suffering from fear and rejection that all hope is not lost. Nuh uh! Not even close.

The doctor is in! That’s FD not MD by the way, and her orders are clear- if women still want to feel that exhilarating connection to their true and natural feminine; that deep connection that can get them on their best path to being happy, healed, desirable and wildly successful- they can! But it will take them! 

From recalling stories of her own struggles with permanent forgiveness, and how harboring that emotional pain manifested into physical stress to discussing the importance of finding oneself in high-value feminine company, Keli has written one heck of a subscription. Daily, tens of thousands of women find themselves both captivated and inspired by The Femininity Doctor platform; and after seeing Keli’s heart, passion, and wisdom, the feminine community trusts her in this area. 

Femininity is every woman’s birthright, but many lose their divine connection to it along the way. Whether you were raised by a “tom-boyish” mother who didn’t quite show you the ropes, or you abandoned your soft and gentle nature after a series of unsuccessful romantic relationships, this guide has something for every woman who is desperately looking to find her way back.

What Others Are Saying About Keli Pitts

Keli Pitts

Keli Pitts has always been fascinated with the art of healing, but never in her wildest dreams did she think that after spending countless hours in freezing bio and chemistry labs she’d be curing women in the area of femininity.

Still, somewhere between storing away her MCAT study books and sharing intimate details with thousands of women in her online community about what it was like being raised in a narcissistic environment, she found her one true purpose in life- femininity. She believes that in a way, her upbringing was a blessing in disguise.

While the constant battling stole her self-identity at a very young age, she was still able to find herself on a long and rewarding healing journey at eighteen-and now she’s a truly trusted voice of her generation.

Who knew that what started out as a desperate, emotional prayer for healing and completion would lead to such a special purpose. And after so much overcoming and becoming, she’s guiding a swiftly growing feminine community back to themselves, their joy, and their femininity.

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